HLTSS00065 - Infection Control Skill Set (Retail)


This course is suitable if you are engaged in direct customer interactions across the retail sector, including in retail outlets, markets or supermarkets.

The Victorian and Commonwealth Governments are funding delivery of training to help upskill workers to administer and implement infection control policies and procedures within workplaces. The short, accredited training courses (Skill Sets) will support businesses to reopen safely and continue to control the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) across Victorian businesses. The courses are not mandatory for businesses to reopen; however, employers are be encouraged to release their staff for the free training.

The courses will be available for employers and employees in businesses where COVID-safe practices are vital, with a focus on six priority sectors that represent 50% of the Victorian economy: retail trade, accommodation and food, transport incl. postal and warehousing, construction, manufacturing, health care and social assistance. It is expected that more than 20,000 Victorian workers will access the free training, which combines online learning with workplace-based assessment. Employees will acquire the knowledge and skills to help reduce the transmission of COVID-19 to themselves, colleagues, customers and suppliers. In turn, this will help increase consumer confidence that it is safe for the community to re-engage with Victorian businesses.

The Infection Control Training Program is now in the second phase of delivery. AET, Learn Locals and eligible RTOs with Skills First contracts have been allocated training places and have started to deliver training. Enrolments can be made now and the contracted providers will provide full coverage across sectors and regions as soon as possible.

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Delivery Mode

Classroom based, Workplace, Virtual/Blended

Course Duration

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Student Fees

Training to be delivered fee-free to eligible students


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Skills Set Eligibility Requirements

Infection Control Training helping Victorian

As Victorian businesses start to emerge from coronavirus (COVID-19) restriction settings, employers and workers need to ensure they can safely reopen and engage with customers.

AET is now offering a free, short, accredited training course, as a mixture of online and workplace-based learning, to help staff identify and manage the ongoing risk of coronavirus (COVID-19) infections.

This targeted course is available to employers and workers in Victorian businesses where COVID-safe practices are vital. There is a focus on six priority sectors (retail, accommodation and food, transport including postal and warehousing, construction, manufacturing, health care and social assistance).

After completion of the training, staff will be able to confidently:

Participants will learn a range of skills, including:


Unit Code Unit Name
HLTINFCOV001 Comply with infection prevention and control policies and procedures